I am God’s servant.

Many of you won’t believe me. Many of you would like to, but cannot be sure. But I tell you the truth when I speak this story. Tonight, I prayed to The Lord my God. Just minutes after I did so, something in my head whispered to me “Close your eyes for a moment.” After they closed, and i only saw darkness, something happened. Words flashed. The letters shined, sparkled. On and off in an order. It went


Praise The Lord for his holy works. Not only in me, but in all who believe in him. May he show the light to those who question his power. The Lord has assigned me a duty. I will one day spread his word. I do not know how, when, or where yet. But in the years to come, I shall learn; And I will speak his name for many to hear.


Gifted with sound

Music. One word, a million ways to explain it. It’s hard to believe that from the ancient hymn’s to the 21st century dubstep, music is something where you cant remember a day when you didn’t hear a simple hum. We were given sound and speech; sight and movement. All elements for something beautiful. You may call it movies, games, or sports. I call it music. There’s absolutely no situation in which music cannot assist you. This I say surely. This I say proud. Heck, this is something i could sing about! But seeing as my words sound as anything, that just gives YOU a reason to sing. Don’t be shy. Its a way of life. Someday, sometime, you’ll see i was right.

Corrupted app, corrupted you.

There are viruses. There Are pepole. There is an internet virus that can come from people.
If you’ve heard of the app Chirp, you may know where I’m going with this. IF YOU DO’NOT KNOW ABOUT CHIRP, SEARCH IT IN THE APP STORE BEFORE GOING ON.
Imagine this. You have the chirp app and one day when you’re at a store theres a boy -18 in the other isle. This boy has chirp. This boy has thoughts; Thoughts you may not enjoy…He begins taking pictures, wants to send them to his girlfriend but at the same time he sends them to you and everyone in that store with Chirp. Emotional scar. You may never think the same again. Apps don’t need viruses. Man is a virus to man. Don’t make people’s enjoyment, torture. Keep a safe mind. Keep a mind pepole respect. Keep your respect. Keep it to yourself.

The true meaning of the song “Brokenness Aside.”

“Cuz I am a sinner. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Caught up in words tangled in lies. But you are a savior, and you take brokenness aside, and make it beautiful”

“Cuz I am a sinner.”

You’re a sinner. What? You’re going to try not to sin? In your dreams…Actually no. Scratch that. Theres only one place that you’ll never sin again. And its FAR from a dream. It’s reality’s own dream, in the real world. Confusing, huh?

“If it’s not one thing, it’s another.”

You should know this by now. If you sin, there’s no way around it. It’s a sin, and always will be. No redo’s, no delete button. Permanent. 

“Caught up in words tangled in lies.”

You sometimes think you have the right idea; But really, you could be getting advice from something that WANTS YOU to fail.

“But you are a savior, and you take brokenness aside, and make it beautiful”

There is something…Someone, out there. He knows all you’ve done. Don’t try to hide anything from him. He knows all your worst, most horrifying secrets. But he takes your hand. He makes you glow. Shine. Shine a pure light. A light which you have a critical mission with. This light, must spread across the world. It’s like a disease. But a positive one. One you should want, hope, work, strive to receive. Because once this disease comes, you will be truly cured.